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I am the ninth earl of Highurst, and this is not the end!


Lisa O’Hare + Selfies

HERE IT IS!!! @Newsies #ALSIceBucketChallenge babyyyyy!!! (I'm in the back pouring said ice buckets)

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A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder (x)

Reign Meme:    [1/2] scenes    -  1.17 “Liege Lord”



OUAT Rewatch
↳ 1x12 - Skin Deep

Loneliness of Evening
Jeff Pew & Paige Faure


Jeff Pew u/s and Paige Faure singing Loneliness of Evening from Cinderella 8-17-14.

I don’t understand why Jeff is not principle Topher because he is infinitely better than Joe.

A Lovely Night
Cinderella 8-17-14


Paige Faure, Ann Harada, Nancy Opel and Kaitlyn Davidson u/s Gabrielle sing “A Lovely Night” Cinderella 8-17-14

I absolutely LOVE Nancy as Madam, she plays it very similarly to Harriet Harris, but really makes it her own. She’s also a breath of fresh air after having to see Fran twice…

Kaitlyn Davidson also was great as Gabrielle. Also very similar to Stephanie Gibson. She said her favorite role is Vanilla Cake Girl though… and she missed it today. 


Paige Faure, and Adam Monley, on seeing each other perform in Cinderella and Les Mis, respectfully x

AM: Tears!

PF: Yes, rivers of tears! It’s funny, I’d seen Adam go on before he got this more extended time to do it and of course it was special then, but there’s something even more special about it now because it’s his. It’s his for these few weeks and it’s been so exciting to see him grow with the role. I think he’s pretty perfect in it.

AM: I just went and saw a Thursday matinee and I had the time of my life sitting there and watching her in her big starring role. It was so wonderful to see because I knew it was the fulfillment of so much hard work. To watch her dedication pay off was really moving. Like I said, I was in tears!